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Is Wealth a Criterion to Certify Halal

Not only r they creating dummy pages of peoples accounts & posting false entries for entrapment & sorcery loading, but also using shytwans to read minds & achieve ill - which is to protect their evil connexions set by bhogobans to harm me. not ending there farther evils for implied blog (fb: calligraphy) of their evil purposed connexions not to b reposted by denying access to the website.

Posted in Fb on 30/07/17
hi. so intricate n so much detailed precision in this no computer graphics aided calligraphy. surely boggles the mind & makes one  stunned at the beauty of the excessively time wasted, obviously exorbitantly priced so called piece of art. how can such profession b halal when Allah says in the quran clearly, a waster is brethren of shytwan. althou one calls it his vocation but it is nothing but all sorts of waste & haram. 
then he takes it to an exhibition where his asking price is increased as soon as a buyer approaches under the clause "or t…


I think given the alluring n mirage of the materialistic world along with peer pressures, lack of islamic culture n environments in both home n skools n free mixing between genders, open sky n  widely available unimaginable  pornographies of most distasteful super perverted natures is slowly but surely turning a whole generation of this country into confused immorals. The use of alchohol, illegal drugs, ganja (like a too much gunja smoking brain fried all gunja brained nation telling gunja is good for health n made it legal) etc. r at alarming levels. So is women trafficking n prostitution.
If these well planned shytwan aided kafirs direct attacks on our culture, values, tradition, religion n society is not responded by counter but non evil measures, not only we will loose our sanity n civility but our existence as an allah fearing nation can become a real threat. 
The reason mashallah that prompted me to write this article is bcoz in a friends site i found some disturbing c…