Feels like something is trying to pull & tear all of me inside - year after year. Plus something is holding my nose to agitate me by reducing, cutting off breathing with a mixture of evil pains all over. Why? Bcoz it can kill anyone anytime,  but more bcoz in an instant it can make anyone suicidal to 9/11 killers.

Jinns (genie's) are used with sorcery to coerse, spell,  torture, kill etc.. The official evil sorcery programs of mostly certain western governments are clandestinely used to  intimidate or to get rid of those who hates these anti-
humanity vultures. Such shytwan (satan) linked sorceries are capable of  creating robotic/ monsterous  humans - specially muslims, whose dare devil acts are giving wrong messages about peaceful religion Islam.

Eventhough Bangladesh act started for bizness reasons (trying to shutdown Bangladesh operation simply to humiliate the nation), eventually was shot down. primarily I was mashallah able to smell this multinational rat & drove my part of the management in their "properly" defined policies, thus giving them the opportunity to prove wot they were malicing. Obviously they couldn't. Having said that I'm not validating the bizness practices of global behemoth financial institutes, who are richer than the GDPs of many countries they operate in with an attitude of them being the authoriity.

I, mostly for the above reasons, along with my mashallah (since allah had wished it for me)  non-compromisable
faith instructed hate and non-sympathy for all things haram (forbidden due to harm for human) left Citibank. This made me an object of joke to the jesters. Although the clowns were humiliated beyond shame as they tried to start off the whole scheme by undermining me, but in fact had proven themselves as nincompoops. Lies, conspiracies, non-merit ethicless management chains, various deeply plotted local to all levels of management redesigns were the schemes to prove themselves, get away of not being fair with me & carry on anti islamic revenge even todates.


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