british isles wants to repeat the saga.
the story printed on the t shirt (t for trump) is leading to remaking the audacious intention for repeating the evil 9/11,  with my adding the experience of falling into their bluffs & traps written in smaller fonts. the clear full story inshallah soon.

note y i used the british isles knowing the differences between the uk, great britain & the brit isles: This is purely a geographical term – it refers to the islands of Great Britain and Ireland – including the Republic of Ireland – and the 5000 or so smaller islands scattered around our coasts Remember this only refers to geography, not nationality, and while the Republic of Ireland is part of the British Isles, its people are not British – a very important distinction."

a little more geography, while london (99%) & dublin (100%) both r washington dc's proteges - passengers from dublin to ny flights r allowed to board on the plane like an us domestic passenger travelling within the states ie., they don't hav to report 3 hours b4, like int'l passengers in all other airports everywhere including  in london's heathrow airport for ny destination.

british colonial system 1 country 2 systems is kept alive by none other but usa. if u ask an american about colonial british double standards they will make a disgusted look at the brits like their pres trumps face seems allways..whereas not only in the isles but everywhere else including in our subcontinent they r creating the evils of double standards. 


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