As u probably have found out by now that most of my blogs posts r related to Islam. Given that since Israel was enforced illegally on the Palestinian lands, Islam had become terrorists religion. More severly after 9/11. A forteen hundred old religion whose followers had invented at least two dozen sciences, civilized the than world, established first university of Europe in Granada etc. suddenly allmost overnight became lowest of the low? How can 1.5 billion people become all of a sudden lowest of the low without any scientific intervention? Well there is a shocking answer for that.

Surprisingly it is not the muslims that r spelling themselves but the hypocrites, slys & liars.  those that r most eager to falsely blame the muslims after setting them up. There r incidents n evidences throughout my blog's post about this. probably history's biggest hate crime.

To expose this I had started sharing my own experiences in various blogs. First back in April 2015 I started writing on general n Islamic matters, but later included the sorcery element due to their experiments to show me radical which failed miserably. But considering my moral obligation to the humanity to warn them how dangerous their living has become due to recklessness of immoral evil practicing nexus of fraud, greedy, lacking far sightedness politicians, clergy's n so called intellectuals. This is a very dangerous n unknown quietly death hidden world we r living in.

Couple of days back I had posted the attached forwarded blog. Reading that u will get an idea of me n my thots n equations at the current time.

Nice meeting u. Good nite. Sweet dreams.

Instagram, 15/1/18
Public, munirchowdhury
Y, then again the above blog was written? It was necessary bcoz my post on the above individuals account was altered to the extent the meaning was totally butchered & garbles was replaced to make me look like an absolute illeterate fool. I tried to replace this nonsense but as soon as I hit the save button, the document changed to the previous "censored" version. .

Instagram, 16/1/18
Public, chowdhurymunir

Afterwards I ran the entire posting in long Tweet format. The gain of the crooks here is the URL's referred to blogs r no more hyperlinked n the readers loosing the habituated comfort will in 99% of the time unlikely to jot down the web address & then key it in the browser. Not only they miss out an important story but also my credentials which were evidenced to have been censored in WordPress in the past along with the archieve sections. So, a new reader like the present one will miss out a lot. Similarly in the the presence of archieve in a weird design of hiding doesn't come of any use too due to not accessing the story referred here by removing hyperlink in the first place. Finally, the very often used two trum cards; 

a) the old outrageous action of straight forward censor with a false banner of some excuse of technical problem mentioned on the blocked white screen, and

b) make the draft disappear even after few hours spent on it. Obstructing ways (even cell, land lines fons) to find out if intended recipient hav received. Even sent files disappears never to b seen again either in sendrrs sent or receivers inbox's

The non-stop innovation of disrespect n harassment continues if a trace of patriotism is found.  Same applicable for the moderate Islamic sites.


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