Tweet from Sayda Zainab (@Saydazainab1)


Sayda Zainab (@Saydazainab1) tweeted at 9:29 PM on Mon, Jan 01, 2018:
We condemn the Chinese government in the strongest possible terms for its hatred and bigotry against the Uyghur Muslims.

Hi, I can't believe this is true! The world shud condemn the allmost repeat of the European middle ages witch hunt insanity. 

China shud take strict steps to ban religious discriminations n prejudices. Let them publicly spell out wot's their concerns against Muslims of China. Let the ummah gauge the verdict of the chineese n find out whether they r also soon going to wage an unjust war against Islam like the war on terror false allegation creators. 

Wot China is doing is not commiserating with the wisdoms n tolerance of an ancient civilization.


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